Brand Building Emotions

Our integral consulting approach for a
successful brand strategy and brand management

Every day, businesses are challenged to find the right positioning, strategy and decision for their brand. The road to discovery, feeling our way into the project, the comprehensive and clear view of what needs to be done – that is the profession and the passion of the SERY* team.

Expertise & Experience

We have the ability to solve our clients’ complex issues using clear processes. We work interactively with our clients in analysis meetings, design thinking sessions and brand workshops.

In the course of gaining decades of brand expertise we have developed our own methods of devising brand strategies. The Brand Building Emotions® method offers an extensive range of strategy development services for change processes, employer brand processes, brand identity processes, CEO branding.

What makes this process so special:

every member of the SERY* creative team is also involved in strategic aspects. Our designers, concept developers and copywriters know the brand’s character and are skilled at incorporating it into creative solutions. In short: implementation of the campaigns and the brand communication solutions precisely fit the position of the brand.

Brand strategy work is absolutely discreet and requires trust and cooperation.

That’s why we have not listed any references here.

Brand Building
Emotions® Prozess
Self image

Self image

What is the identity of my brand? How is it defined?

Precise analysis of the self image leads to a new self-understanding and consequently to success.

Public image

Public image

How do people view my brand? How is my brand perceived on the marketplace?

Which levels of motivation are addressed? How is the competition’s brand behaving? Recognition of brand potentials leads to positioning – a clear profile of my brand emerges.


Brand decision

My brand’s positioning is clear?

Then it’s time to decide on strategic steps. Establishing the brand strategy, communication strategy, communication channels.



The strategy is translated into an appropriate creative concept and storytelling. Adaptation to communication channels: analogue, digital, personal.

Brand management

Brand management

If a friendship is to last, constant attention is important and the same is true of a brand. SERY gives you ongoing and active support with all questions relating to the market and communications.

Brand expertise

We love to share our knowledge advantage with our clients.

We are happy to pass on our expertise on the brand in lectures and workshops for our clients and other interested parties. Our clients can choose whether consultancy takes place in German or English.

Brand lectures, workshops

  • “To make a brand a success you must go deeper.”
  • “Digital brand management.”
  • “From the identity to the image. The basics of brand success.”
  • “Employer branding starts with your own identity.”
  • “Results-oriented brand management as a success factor.”
  • “Insider’s view first, then outsider’s view: A look at the most common blunders in brand management.”
  • “Digital brand management in the social media channels.”
  • “Mobile first - what next?”
  • “Strategic data analytics - purposive online marketing”