SERY Brand Communications

EST. 1966 | Linz | München

A successful concept

SERY* Brand Communications is one of the most experienced agencies in German-speaking Europe. It all started back in 1966, and since 2001 the brand agency has been headed by the second generation of family members. In other words: 54 years of successful advertising!

Agency proprietors Angelika Sery-Froschauer and Manfred Froschauer know exactly how to combine the expertise gained from decades of experience with today’s communication technologies and knowledge of today’s trends.

The agency’s knowledge of brand development and brand management merges with cutting-edge communication channels and the spirit of the now to form a potent brand package.

Quality consulting, reliability, trust

The high quality of consulting, reliability and above all the tremendous level of mutual trust make SERY* the perfect partner for outstanding brand management and development. The SERY* team love to get their teeth into complex and complicated tasks relating to image, branding and communications.

Customers from trade and industry, banks and insurance companies, universities, large service providers, the public sector, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and private institutions all put their faith in this mix that gets results.