Emotional approach of logo design

Borough of Leonding

With emotions and digital technology to employer brand success

The aim of making the borough of Leonding fit for the next 35 years and to establish it as a place worth living, was acquired in an unusual process, involving Leonding stakeholders of all branches. Together we redefined and repositioned the borough’s brand.

The new logo became the expression of the community. 100 residents of all districts vocalized the word “Leonding” in a sound studio. With their individual identity all of them contributed to the common identity of the borough. The voice recordings were put together to form part of the new logo as soundwave.

In an multiphased campaign the logo was revealed bit by bit, with Leondingers of all age groups and from all districts forming the soundwave’s bars. The Logo was presented to the public at the city festival 2019 and received great approval.

Emotional approach of logo design