Markenentwicklung für Kulturunternehmen der Stadt Leonding

What we did:

  • Brand development, positioning and claim
  • Development of corporate identity
  • Uniform design for advertising material
  • Website relaunch

KUVA Leonding - Corporate Identity


Brand sharpening for KUVA Leonding to create a sense of belonging and recognition for the city of Leonding.

Our solution

We developed a strong and authentic brand for KUVA Leonding. With the positioning as “KUVA, the happiness maker, brings culture to your doorstep” created we the basis for an approachable and user-oriented storytelling for citizens of the city of Leonding, those interested in culture and business people. In addition, a uniform design was introduced for all advertising materials and the digital presence was sharpened to establish KUVA as a one-stop-shop for cultural matters in the city of Leonding.