Caesar advertising award winner
Judges’ special award

What we did:

  • Corporate design
  • Introductory campaign

Town of Leonding – corporate identity


We worked towards the goal of making Leonding fit for the next 35 years and establishing it as a desirable place to live in an unusual process involving residents of the town from all walks of life. Together, the town’s brand was redefined and reoriented. The task also involved creating a unique logo that reflects the diversity of the residents and their connection to the town.

Our solution

The new logo became an expression of a sense of community. It was created by 100 residents from every part of the town saying the word “Leonding” in a recording studio. Each of them contributed their own particular identity to the town’s composite identity. The recordings were overdubbed to become part of the new logo as a sound wave.

The logo was revealed step by step in a multipart campaign in the second phase of which Leonding residents from all age groups and all parts of the town again formed the bars of the sound wave. The logo was presented to the general public during the town fête and was extremely well received.

Leonding Logogegenüberstellung Alt - Neu
Leonding Logoentstehungsprozess
Leonding Veranstaltungsplakat Beispiel
Leonding Logo auf Jojo
Stadtgemeinde Logobalken mit Personen
Stadtgemeinde Leonding RollUp
Stadtgemeinde Leonding Folder
Leonding Geschaeftsdrucksorten
Leonding Sublogo Rathaus und Bestattung
Leonding Einführungskampagne Teaserplakat
Leonding Einführungskampagne Teaserplakat
Leonding Einführungsplakat

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