What we did/do:

  • Overall brand strategy and all-year brand management
  • Enhancing the brand image and brand presence
  • Storytelling
  • Product catalogue for each model range
  • Product campaigns and introductory campaigns

WEINSBERG - international brand campaigns & brand management

Over the last few years, a strong brand profile was developed together with the manufacturer of motor homes, caravans and camper vans. An exciting young brand, WEINSBERG projects an authentic image that carries an air of likeable integrity. The German manufacturer’s outstanding quality is expressed in a light-hearted way that appeals to the emotions. The WEINSBERG brand world is in touch with real life, with real camping. The product catalogue plays an important role in the communication strategy. For 2020/2021 a separate catalogue was produced for each range for the first time. This allowed the content to be tailored even more precisely to each target group, i.e. fans of motor homes, caravans or camper vans. The product catalogue includes contributions from real WEINSBERG customers who, writing in the style of travel journals or blogs, take readers along on their holidays in a WEINSBERG.

Apart from the product catalogues, a variety of market launch, product and image campaigns are run every year. This year, the first fully electric caravan, the CaraCito, was introduced. The eye-catching ad design shows that this model is different in every respect. The CaraCito debuted at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, the most important camping fair of the year which was able to take place with appropriate safety precautions. We designed a full range of trade fair materials for it.

Weinsberg Fahrzeugflotte
Weinsberg Inserat Hochdach
Weinsberg Grundrissposter
Weinsberg Produktkataloge 2020/21
Weinsberg Messeauftritt 2020