Brands start in your head

and touch your heart

Welcome to SERY Brand Communications

Brands are pure emotions that result from smart strategies. Transforming the elemental knowledge of communication into images, words and actions requires instinctive understanding. Find out on this website how we at SERY* accomplish this.


Brand consulting/brand strategy

In a world of sensory overstimulation brand communications get you noticed. So what’s the trick? Skilfully pairing brand knowledge with the existing (analogue, digital, personal) instruments.


Brand communications/brand design

If a thing is beautiful it also reaches the mind. The creative team at SERY is skilled at producing designs that support and reflect the brand.


Brand PR

The way companies or people are talked about influences important choices. Strategic public relations produces the right messages and campaigns.


Digital brand management

What does your brand have to say online? Is today’s “must” still relevant tomorrow? We guide you safely through the digital world.