What we do:

  • Employer brand development / brand management
  • Target group communication on different channels
  • Development of photo concept / film concept
  • 360 degree campaign management / planning
  • Design of landing pages
  • Conception of presence contacts
  • Implementation of numerous advertising materials and contact options
  • Lead generation

Energie AG - Employer branding


Our first task of employer branding for Energie AG was the implementation of a brand process with focus on the target group “female students in technical fields of study”. After the successful implementation, our employer brand responsibility was continuously expanded: We were allowed to develop and implement campaigns for students in general, HTL graduates, skilled workers, career transitioner, truck drivers and apprentices. The challenge was to create an employer brand that is unmistakable and at the same time individually tailored to the various target groups with the aim of presenting Energie AG as an attractive and future-proof employer.

Our solution

Intensive collaboration with the respective target group took place within the framework of workshops. In this way, we defined important information for user-oriented, emotional and target group-optimized communication and reached each target group precisely on the channels they use.

Female engineering students were the target group for the first campaign. The focus is primarily on the scholarship program for which young female engineering students can apply during their university years. As part of the campaign, we implemented an image spot that was showed online and in movie theaters.

Directly at the universities, we drew attention to Energie AG with pop-up cafés.


“Employees recruit employees”-packages were our measure of choice among drivers. Since then, employees and drivers who recruit new employees get rewarded with a giveaway package.


We reached HTL graduates through online campaigns with in-game ads and podcast spots.


In addition to advertisements and a social media presence, an exhibition stand was designed for the apprentices.


Energie AG offers a trainee program for all graduates after university. We created an own campaign for the program – offline and online.