What we do:

  • Development of the character of the new Betten Reiter goose
  • Style sketches
  • Modeling, rigging, shading
  • Animation
  • Conception and realization of different stories

Betten Reiter goose - Character Development


In order to appear as an authentic brand ambassador, a further development of the goose was necessary.

Our solution

The Betten Reiter goose gets elevated to a new level of communication and in addition she receives a real character and personality. In many individual steps, a 3D-animated sympathetic storyteller is created, who takes a stand on various topics.

To really bring the Betten Reiter goose to life, many individual steps were necessary: Starting with the development of her character with the help of hand sketches, to the modeling of the goose in a 3D software, the construction of the rig, which depicts all the motion sequences, the 3D animation, to the conception and implementation of the individual short films on various brand themes.


The animations contribute to the modern appearance of the brand and provide the perfect space to convey information about the brand in a charming way. This increases the likeability value of the brand and creates a high recognition value.