What we did:

  • Strategic and graphic development of the employer brand
  • Target group communication on different channels
  • Development of photo/film concept
  • PR and press conference
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Implementation of numerous advertising materials
  • Website creation and ongoing updating

Uniklinikum Erlangen - Employer branding


The shortage of skilled workers in the nursing and functional service is known throughout the country and is increasingly moving into the public eye due to demographic change. With an employer campaign for the nursing sector, Erlangen University Hospital is strengthening its position in the competition to attract the most qualified specialists to the team and to go public with a sharpened employer brand.

Our solution

In a series of intensive workshops with staff members of all age groups, disciplines and departments, a positioning and – derived from this – an objective for the employer brand of the nursing and functional services were developed. The strategy development also included the brand archetype with distinctive character traits and values as well as the brand core and the definition of the image world. Based on this, the employer brand “We care for cutting-edge medicine” was developed, which unites the team spirit, the activities and the pioneering role of the hospital. The entire development process was characterised by cooperation, which is why the campaign subjects and the three spots were produced with over 60 actors from the hospital’s own nursing teams.

The campaign is based on the themes “Wir pflegen Wissen”, “Wir pflegen Miteinander” and “Wir pflegen Karrieren”. With the help of posters, bus advertising, emotional spots, giveaways and online communication, these areas and values are communicated to the outside world in order to attract new qualified professionals, retain existing staff and strengthen the employer brand “Wir pflegen Spitzenmedizin” to the outside world.

To strengthen the employer brand on the web, we created a new screen design in consultation with the client and developed important web guidelines in the course of this. In order to focus more on the employees of the university hospital, we integrated the individual departments on the website. A big point was the filling of the website including text creation.