What we did:

  • Strategy development
  • Corporate design
  • Introductory/follow-up campaign
  • Giveaways

Uniklinikum Erlangen - employer branding


The lack of qualified nursing staff and allied health professionals is widely known in Austria. The demographic shift means that public interest in this issue continues to grow. Universitätsklinikum Erlangen wanted to run a campaign as an employer in the nursing sector to strengthen its position in the race to attract the most highly qualified nursing professionals and raise its public profile as an employer.

Our solution

A series of intensive workshops was held with staff from all age groups, fields and departments to develop a positioning and, following on from that, targets for the employer brand in the nursing and allied health professions. The brand archetype with distinctive characteristics and values was part of the strategy development, as were the brand essence and the definition of the visuals. On that basis the employer brand “Wir pflegen Spitzenmedizin” (“We care for top-class medicine”) was developed, combining team spirit, the work and the hospital’s pioneering role. Togetherness was a key aspect in the entire development process which is why the campaign images and three commercials feature over 60 participants from the hospital’s own nursing teams.

The campaign centres on the themes “We care for knowledge”, “We care for each other” and “We care for careers”. These themes and values are communicated with the help of posters, advertising on buses, emotive commercials, giveaways and online communications with the aim of recruiting new qualified specialists, keeping existing employees and raising the public profile of the employer brand “Wir pflegen Spitzenmedizin”.

Uniklinikum Erlangen - Keyvisual Miteinander
Employer brand spot
Uniklinikum Erlangen - Plakat Karriere
Unklinikum Erlangen - Plakat
Uniklinikum Erlangen - RollUp
Uniklinikum Erlangen - Busbranding