What we do:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand management
  • Ongoing digital campaign management
  • further development of member recruitment campaign (online/offline)
  • image films/cinema spots
  • Give-aways
  • Event organization and support

Katholische Frauenbewegung OÖ - Image strengthening and member acquisition


As part of an interactive branding process with stakeholders and representatives of the Catholic Women’s Movement of Upper Austria, the brand was positioned as a platform by and for women and as a mouthpiece for women on issues in the church and society.

The Catholic Women’s Movement of Upper Austria aims to gain new members and to further strengthen the positive image and internal motivation of recent years. The task of the continuing campaign was to show the variety of possibilities within the Catholic Women’s Movement Upper Austria and to present the broad spectrum of different personalities within the community. Especially in the last two years – full of uncertainty and social distancing – it was important to send positive messages digitally and analogously.

Our solution

“What do you think sustains you?”, “What do you think does you good?”, “What do you think you can make happen?” The core message of the campaign “Time to live” – “Your time is now” was expanded to include these and more questions. Nine women from the kfb each answer a question in their own individual way, stimulating reflection and arousing curiosity about the wide range of offers and the colorful community of the kfb.


9 questions, 9 women, 9 colors. The subjects with the personalities from the kfb were distributed in various formats: For example, as posters in the shop windows of the parishes, as postcards and in the image folder of the Catholic Women’s Movement.

We reached a particularly large number of women in the online world. With posts and stories on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads and classic banner ads, we individually played on a wide range of channels.

An important part of the online campaign is moving images. The testimonials get to the heart of what they value about kfb in their own personal, touching way. The short and concise video statements were also integrated on the campaign website.


In addition to the individual appearances of the members, an image film focusing on the community of the Catholic Women’s Movement Upper Austria was produced.


As part of the image campaign, various give-aways such as buttons and postcards with special and positive messages were also developed, which were and are distributed to existing and new members.

In order to motivate the women again after two years without large events and gatherings, the Catholic Women’s Movement of Upper Austria organized events for its members in six different cinemas in the region in the spring of 2022. Each woman was allowed to bring one guest. At the events, the new campaign was presented, the women were motivated and then the film “The Help” was shown. We accompanied the kfb in all activities, from the invitations, to the event concept including several videos and recordings, to on-site support. With around 700 women, the six events were a complete success.