What we did:

  • Brand strategy and brand consulting
  • Campaign development (creation, text, annual campaigns)
  • Implementation on classic and digital advertising media
  • Radio spot

Hypo Salzburg - Brand strategy


Due to structural changes in the company, Hypo Salzburg as a brand was faced with new challenges. What makes Hypo Salzburg special? The relationship with its customers is very much based on partnership and focused on their success. And even new structures within the group won’t change that. Customers and their needs remain as the heart of the bank as much as Salzburg itself. This is precisely where we started, as we ultimately aim to maintain and strengthen the existing trust.

Our solution

We got personal. After all, who do you trust more than the people you know? And so the bank’s employees were given a key role in the campaign and became trust-building brand ambassadors. Very authentic, very human and with a clearly noticeable connection to Salzburg.


In the campaign continuation, we showed how emotional banking products can be. The bank’s offers can change lives, they bring freedom, a future or a home, so we show the need behind the need of the customers. A real added value that the universal bank of the Salzburger*innen makes possible. A added value made possible by the universal bank of Salzburg’s inhabitants.