What we do:

  • Brand strategy support
  • Brand positioning with brand guiding aspects
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand management, creation and copywriting
  • Radio spots
  • 3D animation Betten Reiter Goose
  • Storytelling Betten Reiter Goose

Betten Reiter - Brand positioning


As part of a brand strategy process, we developed an authentic brand positioning for the long-established austrian home textiles company Betten Reiter with central brand guiding aspects that focus on the brand’s strengths.

Our solution

The austrian in-house manufacture is one of the major strengths, just like the unique personal advisory experience and the sustainable responsibility, practiced on many levels.


The new brand ambassador is the 3D-animated Betten Reiter goose, a likeable storyteller who talks about the many advantages of Betten Reiter.

The brand architecture was expanded to include Betten Reiter’s own manufacturing facility. For an authentic representation of the manufacture, the company’s own employees were casted, photographed at their workplaces, and various advertising subjects were realized. This positions Betten Reiter as a local company throughout Austria.


On the radio, the brand’s key aspects are regularly communicated in combination with current offers and the Austrian origin is emphasized by a well-known melody.