What we do:

  • Development of communication strategy
  • Conception of leading positioning aspects
  • Short films
  • Development of communication style and campaign design
  • Kintsugi in graphic appearance
  • Online campaign

St. Barbara Friedhof - Positioning & communication stylistics


Positioning and communication style for a special brand, challenge is to find the right tonality to communicate the special features and the services of the cemetery. We worked together to identify the performance aspects and found a communication solution that authentically and reverently elaborates the themes.

Our solution

We work with the existing CI/CD and added a unique design idea. The principle of Kintsugi is built on the idea that something can become even stronger through a loss or rupture, by replacing what was lost with something valuable. In the case of the cemetery, these valuable replacements are its function as a place of memory, nature, culture, and much more.

Four different short films were produced on the defined topics.


We used the philosophical approach in communication stylistics and applied it in graphic implementations as well as moving images in online campaigns.