What we do:

  • Brand positioning & claim
  • Image spots
  • Poster subjects
  • Banners & Online Videos
  • Social Media Communication
  • Radio spots
  • Product photography
  • Website redesign

Staudinger Holzofen Spezialitäten - Brand positioning


The special feature of Staudinger’s wood-fired specialties is the unique refinement of the products over beech wood in the wood-fired oven. This process gives the products their unmistakable taste. Increasing brand awareness in Austria is the clear goal in all promotional activities. The best-known products are Staudingers “Leberkäse” and “Käsewurst”. In addition to these two products, there are also various sausage products, which are all refined in the wood-fired oven.

Our solution

The taste of wood-fired oven specialties is incomparable, and that’s exactly what we staged: we emotionalized the brand. With the statement “Unmistakably wood-fired oven. Unmistakably better.” we make a clear statement.


We grant the various target groups their wood-fired oven moment, that is the moment when the wood-fired oven aroma spreads across the palate. We’ve captured this wood-burning moment in humorous spots.


The unmistakable pleasure is also featured on online banners, in social media and in radio spots. If that doesn’t make your mouth water…

As part of the realignment of image communication, the website of Staudingers Holzofenspezialitäten was adapted. The website was reduced to the essential content, making it easier to find. In addition, the new site offers readers suggestions for culinary delights. Besides to various recipes, all of them were previously prepared and photographed by us with a top chef, there are also suggestions for cold snacks.