What we do:

  • Overall brand strategy and brand management
  • Development and implementation of communication ideas
  • Label design and packaging for beers and beer-based products
  • Classic and digital communication for the brewery, the monastery and its business operations
  • Campaigns on all channels

Schlägl Brauerei – Brand Management


We have a particularly long customer relationship with the Schlägl monastery and its businesses. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting the monastery’s best-known business enterprise, the monastery brewery, in its branding work.

Our solution

We continuously develop the brand “Schlägl Stiftsbrauerei” and react to changes in the market. In addition to product campaigns on posters, radio and social media channels, we conceptualize and design all communication and advertising materials as well as the entire packaging.


Over the years, the Schlägl Stiftsbrauerei logo has been developed several times. The last relaunch took place in 2021. The logo design combines the values of the monastery, centuries of tradition and contemporary design.


New logo – new packaging design! The logo relaunch was followed by the redesign of the “Heimatbier” labels including the packaging. The characteristic long-neck bottle shapes the unmistakable look. We rely on a stringent line with strong recognition.


The Abbey beers are brewed according to an old recipe and have become a tradition in the new edition as well. They are also available as Tripel and Roggen Bock. Due to their popularity, they have a fixed place in the Schlägl beer range.


Creative, full of character, and always new: There are no limits to the brewmaster’s imagination when it comes to Schlägl character beers. New trends and ideas are tried out and implemented. Thanks to the inventive names and labels, they are the perfect specialty to give as a gift and drink yourself.

Clear the stage for the Schlägl Heimatbiere! To publicize the new logo and the local beers, we launched a campaign in the online and offline world: The individual beers of the Heimatbier-line got their appearance on large-scale posters suitable to the season and in animations on social media and YouTube. Storytelling is used to anchor the character of the beer in people’s minds.


With the redesign of the website, the brand relaunch is perfect. Here, beer connoisseurs can find everything they need to know about the delicacies brewed according to traditional values.

Stift Schlägl

We also provide the business enterprises of the Schlägl Monastery – gastronomy and seminar center – with various communication materials on an ongoing basis. We have developed a seminar program for the Schlägl Seminar Center, that is updated by us every year.


Our job for the annual magazine LUMEN is the complete package of editing, text, layout and production. We are delighted with this special and aesthetically pleasing highlight.


The same in “Stift”: In keeping with the Schlägl monastery brewery, but in the color and image world of the monastery, Stift Schlägl presents itself on the website.