What we did:

  • Content production
  • Advertising production
  • Radio spot
  • Media planning
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Display Networks
  • YouTube pre-rolls
  • Digital campaign management
  • Landing page

Land OÖ - Awarnesskampagne Landwirtschaft und Lebensmittel aus OÖ


With an information campaign, the importance and value of domestic agriculture and food production were brought to the attention of the Upper Austrian population.

Our solution

An active, appealing message that immediately catches the ear and stays in the mind. We put the producers in the center of attention, who encourage consumers to reach for regional foods by addressing them directly and personally.

With every purchase we make a decision. When we choose local products, we choose lower CO2 emissions, assured quality and freshness. For crisis security, independence and support for Upper Austrian agriculture. Quite simply for quality of life in Upper Austria. In our campaign we show what a seemingly “small” decision can achieve in everyday life. Why you should rather put the regional quality product instead of the cheap (import) product in your shopping scales.