What we do/did:

  • Overall brand strategy and all-year brand management
  • Development and implementation of the communications ideas
  • Editing, design and production of the shopping centre’s publications
  • Creation of various advertising media, both classic and digital

max.center Wels - brand relaunch


The positioning of the max.center as developed and defined by the client is to be made tangible and visible for customers. The focus is on a local flavour and sustainability as well as a friendly atmosphere and convenience (personal touch).

Our solution

The communication concept for the entire campaign rests on the idea that the values are conveyed most authentically by the customers themselves – and with a dash of humour.

Ich max’ regional. Ich max’ nachhaltig. Ich max’ persönlich.

Ich max’ einfach!

With this play on the centre’s name, max.center, and the German for “I do it” (“ich mach’s”), the shopping centre creates a unique position, emotion and attention, the brand is named in every statement and takes root in the consumers’ consciousness, there is an obvious link to the max.center, the centre’s values (local, sustainable, personal, simple) are communicated and this perspective lets the enthusiastic consumer speak. What is more, this communication idea can be used for every medium.

The new claim accompanying this concept expresses convenience and naturalness: max.center. einfach naheliegend.

The idea is conveyed using all advertising media, starting with the brand and encompassing the centre’s magazine that appears several times a year, the individual ads for events, and social media channels.

Citylight Max Center
Aufhänger an Decke des Einkaufs-Centers
Max Center Auto-Gestaltung
Plakat Max Center mit Mann
Plakat Max Center mit Frau
Plakat Max Center mit Frau
Plakat Max Center mit Frau mit roter Einkaufstasche